Kowshik Saha is an Indo-Bangladeshi singer-songwriter, producer, and health-care professional known for being a multilingual musician whose music is of blended genres and focuses primarily on pop, r&b, and electronic dance music. He gradually came to the limelight when he started creating trending and viral songs on various music streaming

platforms. “Love Yourself – Acoustic Version”, “Cheap Thrills”, “Thrift Shop” were some of his initially released songs & “Just Gotta Know” was his originally composed debut single. After experiencing success with the original version within a few months, he released a dance-pop version for the summer of 2021 titled “Just Gotta Know (Remix)”, and it succeeded in seeking new audiences for its unique sound. He released the songs “Fearless, Pt. II”, “STAY” & “Heat Waves” consecutively over the next few months, gaining more fans globally. Kowshik’s next release, “Trampoline” was released on July 31st, 2022, and was featured on Spotify Fresh Finds. It was later featured in “Best of 2022: Fresh Finds India”. Later, he released a 10-track self-titled album, “Kowshik Saha”. His most recent work, “Under the Influence”, was released on January 27th, 2023.